Dear All

With reference to my letter to you earlier this year, I’d like to take this opportunity of updating you on the NORM Board’s plans for the Organisation, as well as explaining the process of becoming members of CAPASSO.

With regards to NORM, the Association ceased to exist as a mechanical rights’ licensing agency at the end of June. The Directors are currently working on a new Memorandum of Incorporation for the MPASA – the MUSIC PUBLISHERS’ ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA - and we hope to have this document approved at our Annual General Meeting in November [details to be emailed to you closer to the time].

We are currently finalising a royalty distribution to members, due on 30 September comprising SABC broadcast mechanicals [July – December 2013], commercial and production music ‘OCW’ licence fees as well as digital fees from iTunes. A further production music [OCW] distribution will take place, as normal, at the beginning of December and we are hoping to make an ad hoc digital-mechanical payment before the end of the year.

We envisage that the MPASA will perform the following functions as an industry trade body:

  • safeguard and promote the interests of music publishers and the writers signed to them;
  • represent these interests to government, the music industry, the media and the public;
  • provide publishers with a forum, a collective voice and a wide range of benefits and services;
  • promote an understanding of the value of music and the importance of copyright; and
  • provide information and guidance to members of the public.

In early 2015, we will be issuing annual subscription invoices for membership of the MPASA, but we do encourage you to join CAPASSO in the next few months, to formalise our continued mechanical rights’ licensing and fee collections on your behalf through the new agency. You can apply online at or speak to any of our staff for further information. [Payment of your annual CAPASSO membership fees this year will guarantee your membership until the end of December 2015.] The NORM Board has provided CAPASSO with an agency agreement to license on its behalf until June 2015 and CAPASSO is pro-actively engaging with broadcasters [new blanket licence agreements] digital service providers and content aggregators amongst other music Users, to maintain existing stakeholder relationships and create new sources of income generation for the copyright holders.

I urge you to contact me should you have any queries or concerns regarding the above information

Kind regards to you all

Jill Galanakis
General Manager

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